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Malavika Sharma

A very, very warm welcome to our Second Anniversary Celebrations. I am overjoyed to see all the familiar faces in the audience, mentors and mentees with whom we started our journey in 2017. It is equally exciting to see so many new faces. I welcome you all with the faith and belief that we will all walk together to expand our circle of serving and giving with love.

When we met last year, we were serving 86 mentees and three educational institutions. Today, we serve 131 mentees and 12 educational institutions. Of these, 40 mentees have been with us for over a year. They have all received Certificates of Appreciation. Could these 40 mentees please stand up? Let us give them a huge round of applause for their commitment.

Ours is a conversational English teaching programme. But it is much, much more. It is also a one-on-one mentorship programme. Our mentors work with their hearts to build a bond of trust with their mentees. My heart burst with emotion when one of our mentors said of her mentee: “She is 17 and I am 71, we are the best of friends.” And to give you a sense of the depth of involvement of our mentors, listen to what one said: “I keep dreaming about my mentor’s success.”

Mentees, please give your mentors a big round of applause!

I want to introduce you to our Core Group who keeps TTM! running efficiently. I am constantly overwhelmed and humbled by the sincerity with which they serve.

First, Debika Lahiri, our Co-Founder, who runs our Curriculum Development team, supported by Bailu Khanna, Malini Sood, and Anuja Mukim. Debika and her team have put together a phenomenal bank of over 200 lesson plans, and many, many of them are value based.

Renuka Mahajan developed and now meticulously manages our database. We would be completely lost without her. She is supported by: Bhaskar Joshi, who developed our website and maintains it, and Anuja Mukim and Aleem Nadvi, who together produced the Audiovisual that you have been watching. Aleem also provides technical support.

Bridget Ganguly is our Creative Head; she manages our branding. Tara Kriplani and Vaseema Halim work tirelessly to pair mentors and mentees. Tara inducts all new mentors and Vaseema conducts exit interviews. Vibha Desai and Virat Mehta run our strategic planning unit. Madhur Bhargava handles all mentee relations and keeps channels of communication open for them. Neelam Kapur is responsible for new Group Head Orientation. Pooja Kapur provides ongoing Group Head Support. And Debbie Seymour runs our TTM! Secretariat.

Onto our Group Heads who service your needs. Some of these are faces you have seen earlier. Many of us juggle multiple responsibilities. We are a hardworking lot!

Anju Chowla, Quota International

Aruna Mehta, Nai Disha

Kiran Singh, Nirmal Primary School

Krishna Banthia, Jamghat

Malavika Singh, NIIT Foundation

Neelam Kapur, Vidya Niketan and Non-Institutional Mentees

Pooja Kapur, East Point School

Renuka Mahajan, Non-Institutional Mentees

Vaseema Halim, Balvantray Mehta School

Vibha Desai, Udyam Trust

Pooja and Vaseema have both come to Delhi especially for this event. It is great to have you with us!

We have three more Group Heads who unfortunately could not be with us today:

Bridget Ganguly, Cluster Head for Balvantray Mehta School and East Point School

Lata Sundara Rajan, Vidya School

Sylvia D’Souza, Balvantray Mehta School and Maharishi Dayanand College

Immense gratitude to all our institutions for entrusting your students to us. We work in partnership with you to add an additional dimension to the amazing work you are already doing with your students. We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with you all.

And then our mentees! The reason for our being. You have carried us forward with your eagerness to learn and to improve. As one mentor said, “It’s humbling to realise the kind of impact one has on every aspect of the mentee’s life.”

We have all received enormous grace in our lives. We feel a great, great need to give back a small fraction of all that we have received. We truly, truly believe that it is in giving that we receive. Thank you for presenting us the opportunity both to give and to receive!

You have come to us to build your confidence by helping you to speak English more fluently. We are working very hard—and successfully—at doing that. One mentee wrote to us with great pride to say that he was now first in his English class. Another said, “In the beginning, I was hesitant to speak in English but now I love the language.”

But we give you more than that. We give you our love and our support, and we help you develop a strong sense of values that, like a compass, will guide you throughout your life. Aristotle said, “EDUCATING THE MIND WITHOUT EDUCATING THE HEART IS NO EDUCATION AT ALL.” So we try to plant values deep within your heart, both through our lesson plans as well as through the conversations we have with you. These are communicated in an environment of deep trust that we have built with you. As one of you said, “The bond, trust and mutual understanding that we have is going to be with me forever.” And another said, “According to me, TTM is an angel.” These comments move us and keep us motivated.

One of the most important values that we want you to carry with you is the importance of giving, not necessarily money, but giving of your love. Many people believe that they can be happy even if others around them are suffering. But that is absolutely not true. You really cannot be happy unless those around you are happy too. Each one of us has a role to play in creating that happiness by helping those around us, whether it be a fellow human being, an animal, or by giving back to Mother Nature.

It is natural that you give to your family, to those you love. But gradually you must expand your circle to help even those who are not related to you. You must reach out to help them with the understanding that we are all connected. We breathe the same air. We are nourished by the same rain. The earth is mother to all of us.

Today, every mentee will receive a notebook. Please use it to write down everything you do to help others. Make a promise today to do at least one good deed, one act of kindness, every single day of your life. One act of kindness every day. We want you to really experience the joy of giving, just like we experience. Then the giving will flow out of you spontaneously. When your notebook is full, give it to your mentor. That will be the biggest gift you can give to TTM!

You have experienced the unconditional love that your mentors have given you. They ask for nothing in return. Let their giving inspire you. Give, like they give, without expecting anything in return.

Your mentor is a candle. She has lit a caring flame, a flame of compassion, within you. Now you become a candle. Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of that candle will not be shortened. So go out into the world and light a thousand candles. Give, give, give, and serve with love! Make the world a better place. You carry our blessings with you, wherever you go.

  • Excerpts from the speech of Imrana Khan, Chief Guest at the TTM! Second Anniversary Celebrations

Good morning! I am Imrana Khan, a wildlife and environment enthusiast. I completed my schooling from Ishani Sarvodaya in Saket. After a BA degree in commerce, I did a diploma course in journalism and mass communication. I started my career as a trainee with Dusty Foot Productions (DFP) in 2007, a media agency based in Delhi. It was a completely new world to me. I was very conservative by nature and had not even explored Delhi. But my work led me to travel across India and to meet people from all walks of life. For the first time I realised how important it is to be able to communicate fluently and confidently in ENGLISH.

I am grateful to Kanika Satyanand who helped me with both written and spoken English and also put me in touch with Mala.

Mala encouraged and helped me join Talk to Me. My first thought was . . . so convenient! Then in a couple of days, I received a message saying “Hi, Imrana. This is Amita. Are you free to talk today at 5 p.m.?” Amita is my mentor. We started talking sometime in October 2017. Amita has been a great, great support to me, from helping me with my spoken English, to writing, to guiding me with multiple things. I started to feel more confident than ever while speaking in English.

I want to share with you a very SPECIAL experience. In 2018, I was chosen for the Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program (Beahrs ELP) at the University of California, Berkeley, for a short course in Sustainable Environment Management. Thirty-two countries, including India, were represented in this programme. It was like a dream come true. I managed to communicate, learn, and share my experiences with a diverse group of participants, experts, and the faculty. It was an experience of a lifetime. And it has only increased my eagerness to learn more!

Talk to Me is a unique and very well-thought-out movement. For me, Talk to Me is a catalyst which is bringing about change in the personal and professional lives of the mentees. The mentors not only make us more confident and fluent in English, but also help us become better communicators and better human beings through their positive and encouraging lessons and continuous mentoring.

As mentees, it is our responsibility to be punctual and disciplined regarding our timings. As we all know, our mentors are taking time out from their hectic schedules. They patiently listen to us and correct us where required. They invest a lot of energy and effort in us. We must respect this. And this is a takeaway for us also. We must carry on with this process to help others.

I would like to congratulate the entire team of TTM for creating this wonderful platform, for their continuous effort of helping us compete with confidence in an increasingly global environment.

Thank you so much, Mala, for giving me this opportunity to talk today. It means a lot to me. And to my TTM! Mentor Amita, who helps me grow in each aspect of my life and for being there. And Inshallah, will always be. Let’s talk Empowerment. Let’s talk English! Thank you.



Second Anniversary Celebrations TTM!