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Good Days, Good Ideas.

I had a very good day today.
Maybe it was because I woke up feeling very refreshed.
I went to bed early last night and slept well.
I woke up on time in the morning, and was not rushing around madly as usual.
I was wide awake in class, and even found the lecture interesting.
During lunch-break, my best friend told me all about the new professional course
he/she has started in the evenings. She suggested that I enrol as well.
So, with a little help from her, I filled out my application, and emailed it to the Institute.
I will probably receive a response within a few days.
I’m excited about learning something new, and adding to my skills.

(A) Dialogue:
1. Have you ever considered taking up an additional professional/hobby course?
2. What field interests you?
3. Do you know of any Institutes that offer you the program you are looking for?
4. Let’s research some together.

(B) Vocabulary:
1. Refresh – (verb) – Give new strength and energy
2. Professional Course – Learning about a job or occupation
3. Enrol – (verb) – To sign up, or become a member of something
4. Institute (noun) – A society or organization – for instance, for education or
5. Response – (noun) Reply
6. Skills – (noun) – Ability to do something well, through training.

(C) Fill in the blanks:
1. Someone who drives a car is a ……
2. Someone who translates languages is a ….
3. Someone who acts in a movie is an …..
4. Someone who studies the economy is an …..

(D) Unscramble the sentence:
Add my skills do will I best very to my to

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