Yashobanta Nath

I am Yashobanta Nath, have completed MBA and now I am continuing MCA course in distance mode under Fakir Mohan University, Balasore. Synonymously I am working in NIIT Foundation at Gobaraghati, Jajpur, Odisha . My native place is Marjitapur where education ration is very low. I have a passion to speak English fluently like a native English speaker. I always try to look for a good English mentor. One day I came to know through NIIT foundation that there is a team “TALK TO ME” those are giving English training over WhatsApp and phone in free of cost. I had decided to learn without any single thought. I gave all my information as per require for getting training. In July first week I got a call from Krishna madam (Talk To Me team) to start my lesson. I am remembering that I was talking with her in Hindi with nervously. After then I had started my class. Within one month of my training I had very confident so for improve more I had started fee English  tuition to 7th, 8th, 9th students. Every day I was preparing for school student and getting lesson from Krishna madam and preparing for my MCA course. In every situation Krishna madam has supported me like grammar part (noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, preposition, conjunction etc.), writing skill (story, live incident, topic), reading skill. The way of her teaching is outstanding. Unknowing I was improving very well. One experience of my life that is “in my office meeting I was discussing in Hindi but now I am arguing with my team member in English”.  Really I have improved a lot and have confident to conversation with anyone else without any hesitation. Now Yashobanta is different boy. Thanks to “Talk To Me” and thanks to NIIT Foundation for giving me information about Talk To Me.

About my mentor, Krishna Madam is my mentor. She is very kindhearted. I was sharing with her everything even if my personal mater. She always guide me towards my mission. I love her very much.