Tenses – Present Tense 5

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb in brackets:
She ___ butter on the bread and ___ sugar on it.  (spread, sprinkle)
She spreads butter on the bread and sprinkles sugar on it.

  1. The airplane___high in the sky. (fly)
  2. Rashid ___ want to play soccer after school today. (do not)
  3. My grandmother ___ to watch TV in the evening. (like)
  4. Jamshed ___ throw fast, but he ___ very well. (do not, catch)
  5. He _ far too much sugar. He ___ to visit the dentist. (eat, need)
  6. My baby brother ___ when he ___ loud noises. (cry, hear)
  7. My father ___ dinner and my sister ___ the dishes. (cook, wash)
  8. If Zeba ___ finish her homework, she can’t watch TV. (do not)
  9. Food ___ energy to the body. (give)
  10. My mother ___ an apple for my breakfast. (peel)
  11. My friend ___ me for my birthday.( wish)
  12. He ___ me to a Coke and an ice cream. (treat)
  13. Arti ___ the juice of two lemons into a glass. (squeeze)
  14. Urmila ___ her earrings with her dress. (match)
  15. Saba ___ salt and cumin powder in her lassi. (mix)