Tenses – Present Tense 4

Don’t and doesn’t are contractions. Don’t is a contraction of do not, while doesn’t is a contraction of does not.

I don’t want to go to school.
Don’t you like ice cream?
Don’t touch the stove! In a command the subject (you) is left out.
We don’t go to school in the summer.
The students (they) don’t need new textbooks.

 Payal (she) doesn’t like spicy food.
My son (he) doesn’t like to play football.
The dish (it) doesn’t need any more salt.

 A) Fill in the blanks with don’t or doesn’t.

  1. My mother ___ want to go shopping today.
  2. Anu and Sheena ___ have to go to school today.
  3. Rashid ___ feel well today, so he ___ have to go to school.
  4. My pet dog ___ live inside the house.
  5. Dogs and cats ___ get along well.
  6. If he ___ have a map, he won’t know where to go.
  7. That mountain ___ have any snow.
  8. We ___ need to clean our room today.
  9. Anuradha ___ go to school on Sundays.
  10. We are enjoying ourselves. We ___ want to go home just yet.
  11. They ___ have to pay now.
  12. ___ come home late!
  13. ___ forget to send me a message when you get to Agra!
  14. He ___ speak English.
  15. It ___ rain much in summer.

B) Make four sentences of your own with both ‘don’t’ and ‘doesn’t.’

C) Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.
What does this saying mean?