Tenses – Present Tense 2

 For verbs that end in –y (cry, fly) you have to change the –‘y’ to an ‘ies’ in the third person singular( he, she, it).
The baby _ all the time. (cry)
The baby cries all the time.

What is the correct form of the verb in brackets?

  1. The bird __ high in the sky. (fly)
  2. My mother __ the pakodas in a little oil. (fry)
  3. Aamir __ to school. He hopes he won’t get late. (hurry)
  4. Since Sunita __ so hard, she will succeed in the end. (study)
  5. Akash __ on a new pair of shoes. (try)
  6. He __ that he will not have enough money to pay the rent. (worry)
  7. Rukhsana __ far too many books in her backpack. (carry)
  8. The cloth __ in the sun. (dry)
  9. Ayub __ for a new job in the company. (apply)
  10. The baby __ all through the night. (cry)