Short Forms – am not/ is not/ are not

I am not (I’m not)
He is not (he’s not or he isn’t)
She is not (she’s not or she isn’t)
It is not (it’s not or it isn’t)
We are not (we’re not or we aren’t)
You are not (you’re not or you aren’t)
They are not (they’re not or they aren’t)

A) Change the positive sentences to negative sentences.
Example :
Amreen is a student.
Amreen isn’t a student.

  1. It is hot today.
  2. It is windy today.
  3. My hands are cold.
  4. I’m tired.
  5. Shireen is hungry.
  6. My daughter is sleepy.
  7. The movie is interesting.
  8. The books by this author are long.
  9. We are going to the market today.
  10. Siddharth is worried about his parents.

B) Make positive and negative sentences.
Example: (tired, I)
I’m tired.
I’m not tired.

  1. (hungry, he)
  2. ( late, Sangeeta)
  3. ( interested in politics, my father)
  4. ( unwell, my teacher)
  5. ( expensive, flowers)
  6. ( scared, the child)