Sentences 1

Please pay attention to spelling, capitalisation, punctuation and the order of words in a sentence. Remember to use the correct form of the verb: (I write, he writes)

Read about Ayesha. Then talk/write about yourself.
Example: Ayesha wears a jacket.
I wear a jacket, too. OR: I don’t wear a jacket. I wear jeans and a T-shirt.

  1. Ayesha walks barefoot when it’s hot.
  2. Ayesha wears a scarf when it’s windy.
  3. Ayesha sometimes wears sandals.

Read about Arjun. Then talk/write about yourself.
Example: When it is cold, Arjun wears a coat.
When it is cold, I wear/ put on a sweater. OR: I (don’t/ never) put on a sweater.

  1. When it is hot, Arjun wears shorts.
  2. When it is cold, Arjun wears a hat.
  3. When it rains, Arjun uses/carries an umbrella.

Read about Chetna. Then talk/ write about yourself.
Example: Chetna walks up the stairs.
I walk/run up the stairs. OR:  I (always/sometimes) take the lift.

  1. Chetna changes her clothes when she comes home.
  2. Chetna takes off her shoes.
  3. Chetna puts on comfortable clothes.