Lesson 1: Punctuality

My friend’s parents had invited me to go to India Gate with them. It was a short distance from where they lived. They told me to be at their house by 1 pm. It was a ten minute bike ride to my friend’s house, so I decided to leave home at 12:50pm. That was a mistake. My bike had a flat tyre, and I had to walk instead. This took much longer than I expected. My friend’s entire family was already waiting for me in the car! It was also a very hot day. Everyone was upset because I had kept them waiting. They were getting ready to leave without me. I regretted my unpunctuality. I am glad that they waited.

Discussion Points:

  1. The theme of today’s paragraph is punctuality. Ask the mentee to identify the theme i.e. “What does the story tell you?” Difference between story line and moral.
  2. Ask questions based on the paragraph: What was “a mistake”?  What could she have done to avoid the mistake? Etc.
  3. Ask the mentee to substitute words and make complete sentences: ‘hot’ with ‘cold, freezing, it was raining hard or it was drizzling.’ Also: Substitute ‘India Gate’ with ‘market, park’ etc. Have them make complete sentences.
  4. You can introduce pronouns such as: ‘she’ and ‘her’ and ‘he’ and ‘his.’
  5. Written assignment: substitute a few of the words in this paragraph. Perhaps it would be a good idea to get them to proceed slowly. To begin with, they could substitute only 5 or 6 words.