Present Tense Verbs – Exercise 2

Please make grammatically correct sentences using the words given. Add your own ideas. There are no right or wrong answers. Use your imagination. Have fun!

my brother / have

My brother has two children.
My brother lives in Ahmedabad.

  1. there is
  2. there are not many
  3. I do not
  4. my friend does not
  5. my teacher / be
  6. People in Punjab / be
  7. today / it
  8. my mother / have
  9. my neighbours
  10. my hair

Answer key

  1. There is a lot of rain this summer.
    There is a shortage of potatoes in the market.
  2. There are not many people around on Sunday afternoon.
    There are not many chairs in the hall.
  3. I do not go out at night.
    I do not like oily food.
  4. My friend does not have a dog.
    My friend does not sing well.
  5. My teacher is very strict.
    My teacher is always on time.
  6. People in Punjab mostly speak Punjabi.
    People in Punjab are mostly farmers.
  7. Today it might rain.
    Today we are going to India Gate for ice cream.
  8. My mother has a beautiful bead necklace.
    My mother has a headache.
  9. My neighbours have bought a new car.
    My neighbours have gone away on holiday.
  10. My hair is falling out.
    My hair is very long.