Prepositions 3

With’ and ‘by

A preposition is a word that links all the words in the sentence together. They are relationship words.

  1. ‘With’ is used to show being together.
    I like to drink a glass of milk with my breakfast.
  2. ‘With’ is used in the sense of ‘having.’
    I know the girl with long hair.
  3. ‘With’ is used in the sense of ‘using.’
    I wrote the letter with my favourite pen.
  4. ‘With’ is used to show agreement or disagreement.
    I agree with my mother. My siblings and I need to do more chores at home.


  1. ‘By’ is used in the sense of ‘next to.’
    Can I sit by you?
  2. ‘By’ is used to show a method.
    He came here by bus.
  3. ‘By’ is used when there is a doer.
    The prescription was written by the doctor
  4. ‘By’ is used for ‘no later than.’
    The fee is due by Friday.

Please fill in the blanks with ‘by’ or ‘with’:

  1. I just found the key! It was ___ the tray on the table.
  2. He filled out the form ___ a ballpoint pen.
  3. I came here ___ bus.
  4. The letter was written ___ his boss.
  5. The car was fixed ___ the mechanic.
  6. I travel to the station ___ auto.
  7. My mother travelled ___ me to Varanasi.
  8. I cut the apple ___ a sharp knife.
  9. The mayor cut the ribbon ___ a pair of scissors.
  10. My brother has a new camera. He loves to take pictures ___ it.
  11. Samir fought ___ Aman. They are no longer friends.
  12. He lives ___ the sea.
  13. We have a house ___ a tiny balcony.
  14. Aamir left the dripping umbrella ___ the door.
  15. Neha never drinks water ___ her meals.
  16. Khicchri is a dish made ___ rice and daal.
  17. Do you drink milk ___ sugar?
  18. Are you talking about the tall boy ___ long hair?
  19. People ___ a lot of money are not always happy.
  20. I will contact him ___ phone or ___ email.
  21. The children were asleep ___ 9 pm.
  22. The explorer was bitten ___ mosquitoes in the jungle.
  23. This song was first sung ___ Shreya Ghoshal.
  24. I am working ___ a lawyer on this project.