Prepositions 2

‘To’ and ‘from’

A preposition is a word that links all the words in the sentence together. They are relationship words.

  1. To’ shows direction or result of movement.
    I go to school.
  2. To’ shows time or period.
    I work from Monday to Friday.
  3. To’ shows limit.
    The price of tomatoes rose to Rs.100 per kilo.


  1. From’ shows the starting point of movement or an action.
    I walked from India Gate to Rashtrapati Bhavan.
    I got a letter from my brother.
  2. From’ can be used as ‘come from’ or ‘be from’ to show someone’s nationality or home town.
    Nisha is from Bhagalpur.
    My family comes from Afghanistan.
  3. From’ is used to show the material something is made from.
    Steel is made from iron.
  4. From’ something to something shows range.
    The price of umbrellas range _ Rs.100 _ Rs. 200.

Please fill in the blanks with ‘to’ or ‘from.’

  1. Has the train coming ___ Chandigarh arrived?
  2. I am going ___ Nehru Park for the concert.
  3. She took out a piece of paper ___ her pocket.
  4. The letter was sent ___ your address. It should have arrived by now.
  5. It was my first trip ___ Agra. The Taj Mahal is truly spectacular.
  6. Please write a note ___ your teacher telling him why you are absent.
  7. Can you please translate this document ___Tamil (in)___ English?
  8. Every summer Jamal goes ___ his hometown.
  9. She began to walk away ___ him.
  10. Bread is made ___wheat.
  11. The heat ___ the sun can burn your skin.
  12. The shop sells everything ___ Maggi noodles ___ T-shirts.
  13. The bees flitted ___ flower ___ flower.
  14. Please fill out the form and send it back ___ the office.
  15. Adil rides his bicycle ___ the park.
  16. My mother walks me ___ school everyday.
  17. I work ___ 9 a.m. ___ 6 p.m. every day.
  18. Schools are open ___ Monday ___ Friday.
  19. Chow mein is a dish ___ China.
  20. I was getting late, so I took an auto ___ college.

Please make two sentences to show each use of the prepositions ‘to’ and ‘from.’ The sentences should show that you understand their use. Please read the sentences in the exercise carefully before making your own.