Prepositions 1

‘In,’ ‘on,’ ‘at’  for Time and Place

In’ is a preposition used in front of GENERAL information indicating time and place.

In winter,
In January,
In the morning,
In Begumpur,
In Allahabad,
In India,
In North America,
In the Himalayas

On’ is a preposition used in front of MORE SPECIFIC information indicating time and place.

On May 7,
On my birthday,
On Friday,
On Mahatma Gandhi Road,
On the first floor,
On the page,
On the left

At’ is a preposition used in front of VERY SPECIFIC information indicating time and place.

At 7 am,
At lunchtime,
At the moment,
At home,
At school,
At night

Fill in the blanks with ‘in,’ ‘on,’ or ‘at.’

  1. He always goes to sleep __ 10 pm.
  2. Our train leaves__ March 3.
  3. Shyam’s birthday is __ October.
  4. We will celebrate Sandhya’s birthday __ November 10.
  5. I went to bed __ midnight.
  6. He starts work __ noon.
  7. The shop opens late __ Sunday mornings.
  8. __ the evenings, we go for a walk __ the park.
  9. __ Gulmarg, it snows __ winter.
  10. Hurry up! The train will leave __ a few minutes.
  11. I wake up __ sunrise and do yoga.
  12. What time do you go to bed __ night?
  13. I like to drink warm milk __ bedtime.
  14. Are there any holidays __ July?
  15. We moved to Delhi __ 2012.
  16. Earlier we lived __ Bulandshahr.
  17. India became independent __ 1947.
  18. __ spring, the flowers bloom and the birds sing.
  19. It is getting late. __ a few minutes I will leave.
  20. Should we leave for the station? Is the train __ time?
  21. My class begins __ 9 o’clock.
  22. I will wait for Sana __ the bus stop.
  23. My friend enjoys working __ the bookshop.
  24. My mother has a doctor’s appointment __ Thursday __ Gurugram.
  25. I started working __ 2015.

Please make five sentences of your own, using each of these prepositions.
Please read the sentences in this exercise carefully before making sentences of your own.