Personal Pronouns 6

Please fill in the blanks with the following words: they, them, their or theirs.

Where are the children? ______ are in school.
They are in school.

The toys belong to the children.
The toys belong to ______ .
The toys belong to them.

These are ______ clothes.
These are their clothes.

These are ______.
These are theirs. (The ‘s’ in ‘theirs’ takes the place of the noun ‘clothes.’)

  1. ______ have been friends since the first day of school.
  2. ______ hadn’t finished ______ homework, so ______ stayed back in school.
  3. ______ hadn’t brought ______ lunch, so ______ ordered idlis and vadas.
  4. Jay and Uday aren’t coming. ______ said they wouldn’t be able to make it.
  5. Those alu parathas were delicious.  ______ were made by my grandmother.
  6. I’ve bought some apples. I’ll wash ______ and put ______ on the table.
  7. ______ said that ______ had seen him during ______ vacation.
  8. The teacher handed ______ ______ tests. He praised ______ for doing so well.
  9. The girls are playing in the park. ______ are swinging on the swings and running around. ______ seem so happy.
  10. I had invited all my friends but none of ______ turned up.
  11. The boys are making a lot of noise. Please tell ______ to be quiet.
  12. ______ couldn’t sit on the benches. ______ were occupied.
  13.  This ball is ______ . Please return it to ______ .
  14. Our cat is dark grey. ______ is jet black.
  15. We didn’t know anyone at the party. Luckily, ______ introduced us to ______ friends.

Please make two sentences each with the following words: they, them, their and theirs.

Please read the sentences in the exercise carefully before making your own sentences.