Personal Pronouns 5

Please fill in the blanks with you, your or yours.

Do ____ have a pencil?
Do you have a pencil?

My pencil is blue. What colour is ____ pencil ?
My pencil is blue. What colour is your pencil?

What colour is ____?
What colour is yours? ( the ‘s’ in yours replaces the noun ‘pencil.’ )

  1. Does this scarf belong to ______?
  2. ______ question is interesting. I will give it some thought.
  3. Were those gloves his or ______ ?
  4. This book is mine, not ______ .
  5. I saw one of ______ friends last night.
  6. ______ motorcycle is being repaired. ______ can borrow mine.
  7. He found these keys in the corner. Are they ______ ?
  8. I can’t find my wallet but ______ is on the table.
  9. Would you like the red or the black cloth? The choice is ______ .
  10. See ______ this evening.
  11. Is the party at ______ house?
  12. There is someone waiting for ______ .
  13. I asked him if he was a friend of ______ .
  14. ______ homework is due in an hour. By now ______ should have completed  ______  homework.
  15. ______ and I have been friends since the day we met.

Please make 2 sentences each with the following words: you, your and yours.

Please read the sentences in this exercise carefully before making your own sentences.