Personal Pronouns 4

Please fill in the blanks with we, us, our or ours.

___ are going to the park.
We are going to the park.

Let___ take our badminton racquets along.
Let us take our badminton racquets along.

Are these ___ racquets?
Are these our racquets?

They are most definitely ___.
They are most definitely ours.


  1. ___ have been friends since Class 2.
  2. ___ teacher scolded us.
  3. ___ hadn’t completed ___ homework.
  4. Hari was hungry. He shared ___ lunch.
  5. ___ are all proud to be Indians.
  6. ___ are all taking computer classes.
  7.  ___ teacher is Ayub Sir.
  8.  ___ are very fond of him.
  9. He helps ___ with ____ problems.
  10. He always listens to ___ attentively.
  11. “We would like to invite you to ___ house.” “Please come to ___ instead.”
  12. ___ have written to ___ MLA to help ___ keep ___ colony clean and green.
  13. The colony is ___ and ___ are proud of it.
  14. The money is ___, not mine.
  15. The river flooded ___ village. ___ had to be evacuated.

Please make two sentences each with the following words: we, us, our and ours.
Please read the sentences in this exercise carefully before making your own sentences.