Lesson 31: The Nursing Profession

Nurses are often the first health care professionals that a sick or injured person sees, whether in hospitals, schools and even in border areas, or military bases. Some even work in the sky or at sea, helping to transport sick people on planes or caring for passengers on ships.

Nurses assist the doctor by asking patients about their symptoms, taking their temperature and blood pressure, checking their weight, giving injections, and collecting blood or urine samples for lab tests. School nurses give first aid in times of injuries, and attend to students who have stomach aches, nosebleeds, and such problems. But they also have the important job of promoting health through good nutrition, exercise, and hygiene.

Hospital nurses provide round-the-clock patient care. They monitor a patient’s vital signs like temperature and blood pressure, give medicine, draw blood, insert IVs, and work closely with doctors and families to keep everyone up to date on a patient’s condition. Nurses even assist doctors in the operating rooms.

Some nurses work directly in the community. These nurses teach people with special health problems like diabetes or asthma, how to manage their conditions. They can also travel to a person’s home to provide care for those who are too elderly or sick to be moved.

Whatever type of work they do, the best nurses have one thing in common: they love interacting with people. They also give patients and their families compassionate support at a time when they need it most.

Nursing is truly a noble profession.

A) Vocabulary: Please make sentences with the following words:

Symptom – a sign or indication of something
Hygiene  – cleanliness in the way we live, and our surroundings
Vital  – essential or necessary (as in necessary to life or health)
Compassionate – sympathy (not pity)
Noble   – possessing very high qualities

B) Change the following sentences from the Present to the Past Tense.
Example: He gets up at 6am – present tense.
He got up at 6am – past tense.

  1. The farmer sows seeds in the fields.
  2. Meera leaves for school by bus.
  3. Hari visits his grandmother every week.
  4. The peacock looks beautiful.
  5. She sings very well.
  6. The boy runs fast.
  7. The thief lies to the policeman.
  8. The hen hatches eggs.

C) Do you know who started the nursing profession in the world?

It is Florence Nightingale.
Please research, and write a few lines about Florence Nightingale.