Lesson 10: My Parents

My mother and my father work very hard.
They leave the house early in the morning, and return late in the evening.
My mother cooks the food for the whole family before she leaves home.
My father buys the vegetables on his way back from work.
My brother and I help when we finish with our homework.
We always help with the cleaning and the washing.
My parents also teach us never to complain.
They say that when we do any work happily, then the result will be better.

A) New word: Complain – to express your dissatisfaction/unhappiness.

  1. Please use this word in your own sentence.
  2. How would you use complaining and complaint in sentences?

B) Please answer the following questions in full sentences:

  1. What work does your father do?
  2. Does your mother work? If yes, what does she do?
  3. How do you help in the house?

 C) Fill in the blanks with adjectives (describing words)
Example: You can be happy or sad while working.

  1. My parents are very _____.
  2. Whenever I wash my clothes, they look very _____.
  3. My mother is a good cook. Her food always tastes ____.

D) Substituting words – Words that have the same meaning, or almost the same meaning.
Please read, remember, and make sentences as homework:

  1. whenever we finish our homework – complete
  2. we always help with – assist
  3. for the whole family – entire