Lesson 4: My Favourite Day of the Week

Sunday is my favourite day of the week.
There is no school and no college nor work.
I like to wake up late on Sundays, so I don’t eat breakfast.
I have lunch with my family.
The rest of the day I watch TV, meet friends, and go out to eat ‘chaat’.
I make sure that my homework is finished on Saturday.
So, Sunday is a day of rest and enjoyment.
I have heard that there is something called ‘Monday-morning-blues’.
I am going to find out what that means!

A) New Phrase: ‘Monday morning blues’. Here ‘blues’ means feeling sad.  A person could be feeling blue that a new week of work will begin on Monday.

Please answer the following questions in full sentences:

  1. Do you ever get the Monday morning blues?
  2. What is it that you look forward to when the new week starts?
  3. Is Sunday a day of rest for you? If not, then please explain why.

B) Fill in the blanks:

For example:  I do. You do. She does. He does.

He ____
They ____
We ____
Vikas _____
Vikas and Ajay _____
My sister _____
My teacher _____
I study hard. I ___ well in college.

C)  Make a list of your favourite things or people, and write one sentence explaining why they are your favourites.

D)Opposites: For you to remember and use in your next lesson:

  1.  Day     –   Night.
  2.  Don’t  –   Do
  3.  Rest    –   Be active.