Lesson 27: My Family

My family is a small nuclear family, comprising four members – my father, mother, my younger sister and I.
We live in Ghaziabad, and my paternal and maternal grandparents live in the village.
My family provides me with love, a sense of belonging and a sense of security. We are all emotionally attached to each other in our happiness and sadness.
Each generation of the family enriches the lineage. This way the family has a strong foundation, contributes to society and to the nation.
My great grandfather has made a family tree, and tells us about the different family members. My uncle was a war hero. My cousin is a pilot. I have great pride in my family. I will always work with integrity to make my family proud of me.

A) Vocabulary:   Make sentences of your own with the following words:

comprising – consisting of
paternal – related through the father
maternal – related through the mother
integral – impossible to do without
enrich –   to make better, to improve
lineage –   line of ancestors
integrity – honesty

B) Adjectives – Describing words.
Example: My family is_____(happy) and _____ (cheerful)

Fill in the blanks using one of the adjectives given below:
many, important, old, fantastic, famous, energetic, special  

My family is _____. When we meet on _____ occasions, we share _____ stories. I just came to know that my uncle was a _____ man, and won _____ awards. My great grandfather is _____ but quite _____.

C) Write a few lines about your own family.

D) Unscramble the sentence:   Pride family great my in have I