Lesson 14: Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. Where is the highest place in the world? It’s the top of Mount Everest, which stands between Tibet and Nepal, in Asia. But how do we know that Everest is the tallest mountain in the world? It is not an easy job to measure the height of a mountain. Since a mountain rises up out of the land, we must measure the height of the land as well. To do that, we must go to where the land begins. That is where the sea touches the shore. When we measure a mountain in this way, we are measuring from sea level. All the land in the world is either above or below sea level. The top of Mount Everest is 29029 feet above sea level.

A) Vocabulary
Highest – having height, rising up, the one which has the most height (adjective)
Tallest – higher than the average, having the greatest height ( adjective )
Shore – land at the edge of a sea, river, lake or any other water body (noun)
Measure – to find the size or amount of anything (verb)

B) Use the words above in sentences of your own, so as to bring out the meaning of the word. Write the height of Mount Everest in words.

C) Poem

 As slow as a start
as stopped as a heart
as thin as a chip
as chapped as a lip
as far as away
as near as today
as bold as a blizzard
as old as a wizard