Lesson 8: Meet My Family

I live with my family in Patna.
My mother, father and two sisters live with me.
I have an elder sister and a younger sister.
We have fun playing together, but sometimes we quarrel over petty things.
Ours is a small, nuclear family.

One of my school friends, Arjun, lives in a joint family. His grandfather and grandmother also live with him. He has two younger brothers. He does not have a sister. His family is bigger than mine.

During our Diwali holidays, my father’s younger brother and his family came to visit us. My father’s younger brother is my uncle, but we call him Chachaji. His wife is my aunt (Chachiji). They have only one daughter, who is my cousin.

My father’s parents live in Kanpur. I love to visit them because they always welcome us very warmly. I call my grandparents Dadaji and Dadiji.

My mother’s father died a couple of years ago, but her mother lives in Chandigarh. She is also my grandmother (Naniji)

A) Vocabulary: Please use the following words in your own sentences:

  1. nuclear family –   consists of husband, wife and their children.
  2. quarrel –      fight.
  3. petty –     small, unimportant matters.

B)Please write a few sentences about your family.

C) In each of the sentences below there are two words missing. Select the correct pair of words to fill in the blanks.
Have you had an ________on your _______?

  1. a) problem/leg
  2. b) operation /chemist
  3. c) operation/leg

Answer – Have you had an operation on your leg?

  1. You need an _____ and some _____.
    a) injection/stitches
    b) medicine/spoonfuls
    c) ankle/stitches
  2. ____her to the ____ immediately.
    a) have/doctor
    b) get/advice
    c) take/hospital
  3. Can you ____something for my ____?
    a) take/doctor
    b) recommend/cough
    c) advice/back
  4. My daughter ____and ____ her leg.
    a) run/broke
    b) cuts/hurt
    c)   fell/cut