Lesson 4: Importance of Reading

Before the invention of printing, books were hand-written. They were very few in number and difficult to get. Popular novels were serialized and readers eagerly waited for installments. Families read together regularly; parents read to children. A book was enjoyed over and over again. They were a big source of entertainment for those who could read. Nowadays, books have largely been replaced by other means of entertainment.

Yet, what is it about a book that makes it special? In books, we discover the teachings of scholars and philosophers. We read about the rulers of our land, about what the people who lived long ago ate, wore, and read! In the pages of a novel, we meet characters we fall in love with and those we hate. We also meet people like ourselves. We realize that human beings all over the world, in every age and time, have shared our joys, sorrows, and hopes.

Reading helps us to concentrate, improves our memory and our reading and writing skills. Pick up a book and change your life! Why wait?

Word Meanings:
Entertainment: pleasure, interest, fun.
Installment: section, part.
Scholar: learned person
Philosopher: a person who seeks wisdom
Character:  personality

A) Discuss:
What forms of entertainment have replaced reading?
What is your favourite form of entertainment?
Which kinds of books do you like to read?
How often do you read?
Do you read in English, in Hindi, or in your mother tongue?
Do you have a favourite book? If so, what is it and why is it your favourite book?

Remember:  “To Be”
I am
He is
She is
It is
We are
You are
They are

B) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb: to be.
I___a clown.
My best friends___ Jaya and Maya.
They ___rock stars.
___you from Odisha?
My uncle ___a teacher.
What__ your favourite book?
What __ in your lunchbox?