Lesson 25: How Well Do I Know Delhi?

Although I have grown up in Delhi, there are still many local attractions for me to discover.
Last month, my aunt’s children decided to come from their village, and spend a few days with us in Delhi.
They were excited to visit the capital of India.
They pestered us to take them to see the President’s home – Rashtrapati Bhawan.
So, I researched the best route to take via Metro and bus, and discovered that I could also show them India Gate and Rajpath on the same day.
But my cousins were eager to see more.
So, after checking on the Internet, I made a very interesting schedule for them to explore Delhi.
When it was time for them to return home to their village, they were happy and satisfied that they had seen Red Fort, Qutab Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Jama Masjid, and even Dilli Haat.

A) Vocabulary: Make your own sentences with the following words:

  1. Local   – belonging to a certain place.
  2. Attractions – a place/thing that is interesting to you
  3. Discover –   to find out about
  4. Pester –   to trouble or bother someone
  5. Research – to find out new facts and information
  6. Eager –   wanting something very much
  7. Schedule –   a timetable
  8. Explore –   to search or travel through a place

B) Discussion on Delhi and its historical/other places to visit, or any other place that you are familiar with e.g. Odhisa, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal.

C) Write a few sentences on what you like best about Delhi.

D) Fill in the Blanks:

  1. How far is the Metro station …. your house? (preposition)
  2. My cousins are always happy ….come to Delhi (preposition)
  3. I know a lot ….Delhi now. (preposition)

E) Unscramble the Sentence:

  1. Eager were more see but cousins my to.
  2. Village come decided their my from to children aunt’s.