Lesson 24: Guess What Grasses Do?

No matter where you live you use grasses every day.
Cows eat grass. Chickens eat the seeds of some grasses. Think about what would happen if cows weren’t able to eat grass and chickens had no grass seeds to feed on?
Song birds need to eat, so they can survive and sing. What do they eat? Yes, you’ve guessed correctly: they eat seeds of grasses.
Grass seeds are cereal. Oats and rice, barley, corn and wheat are all grass seeds. From these seeds, we make flour for baking bread and cake.
Without grass, the earth would become a dust bowl under the hot sun. Grass is home to millions of tiny creatures: mice, birds, rabbits, frogs, and crickets.
Did you know that an oil called citronella is extracted from the leaves and stems of lemongrass? This oil is very effective in keeping mosquitoes away.
The brooms that we sweep with are bundles of grass or twigs tied to a stick.
Dried grasses can be woven in beautiful designs to make trays and baskets to hold food and to carry things.

A) Vocabulary: Please make sentences from the following words.
The sentence should demonstrate that you understand the meaning of the new word.
Example: In the sentence ‘This is a broom,’ ‘broom’ could just as well be ‘cat,’ ‘house’ or ‘bird.’
The meaning of ‘broom’ is clearer in this sentence: ‘I clean my room with a broom made of twigs and grass.’

Survive: to continue to live in spite of danger or difficulties
Cereal:  a grass, such as wheat or rice, used as food
Dust bowl: dry land where very little grows
Citronella: lemongrass oil
Effective: successful
Broom: a long-handled brush used for sweeping
Bundle: a bunch
Twig: a stem or a thin branch of a plant or tree

B) Opposites:
Choose the word that is the opposite of the word in capital letters.
a) Above b) Inside c) Down
Down is the correct answer

  1. FAT
    a) Short b) Thick c) Skinny.
  2. ALIKE
    a) Different   b) Same   c) Usual
  3. TIGHT
    a) Free   b) Loose   c) Firm
  4. SICK
    a) Healthy   b) Ill   c) Poor.
    a) Welcome   b) Enter   c) Depart.
    a) Heal   b) Harm   c) Hate