Lesson 7: Dreams

Rina works in Shruti’s house.
As she cleans the house, she often sees Shruti sitting in her room, quietly absorbed in a book.
One evening, Rina asked Shruti what she was reading.
Shruti smiled and said, “I’m reading a book called The Little Princess. This kind-hearted princess helps people by making their dreams come true.”
That evening as Rina walked to her home, tired after a hard day’s work, she wished her life could be different.
Next morning, she was gently awakened by her mother, and told that there was someone waiting to see her. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she stepped out of her little home, and saw a young lady in a blue and white kurta smiling at her. “Hello Rina,” she said. “I am your new teacher, Ms.Verma. From today onwards, you will be going to Shruti’s house, not to clean and scrub, but to learn to read and write. So hurry up and get ready. I’ll be waiting for you there.”
Rina didn’t know what to say. How could this have happened? She was still in a daze, as she sat down at a table opposite her new teacher, to start her very first lesson.
Behind the door, Shruti smiled. Later she would tell Rina how, like the kind-hearted princess, she had convinced her parents to arrange for Rina’s education, and help make her dreams come true.

A) Discussion on What Are Your Dreams?

Do you have a dream?
Is there something you have always wanted to do since you were a child?
Is there something you have discovered recently that you are passionate about and want to pursue?

B) Vocabulary. Make your own sentences with the following words:

Absorb –  to take in / hold the interest of
Scrub –    to rub hard in order to clean
Daze –     a state of confusion
Convince – to make a person believe by discussion or evidence.

C) Complete the following sentences with the appropriate Nouns:


  1. He is talking on the _______.
  2. My sister always sweeps her own _________.
  3. Rani usually washes the _______.
  4. Let’s play _______.
  5. My father listens to ________on the radio.
  6. We study ______ at school.
  7. I usually cook the _____ at home.
  8. At school we learn to speak _______.