Lesson 22: Coyote – The Survivor of North America

The coyote is a relative of the dog, wolf and jackal. Like its relatives, it is a predator and mostly eats other mammals. It will, however, eat a wide variety of foods, including insects, fruits and vegetables. Coyotes are found throughout most of North America, from Mexico and Central America to Canada and Alaska. The colour of its coat depends on where it lives. Mountain coyotes are darker than those living in the desert.

Coyotes are now found in most large urban areas. They find an abundant supply of food in these areas, since coyotes are willing to eat garbage, rodents and even small pets, such as cats. Scientists estimate that as many as 2,000 coyotes may be living in the Chicago area.

Because of its adaptability, the coyote is not an endangered species, or even a threatened species. It has been classified as “least concern,” which means it has the lowest risk of extinction.

A) Discussion:

  1. Do you know what a coyote looks like?
    Look at a picture of a coyote on the internet, and describe it as well as you can.
  2. What animal does a coyote remind you of?
  3. Can you find two interesting facts about coyotes?

B) Vocabulary: Which words in the text mean the following :

  1. Plentiful.
  2. Belonging to the category of nibbling animals like mice.
  3. Trash.
  4. The act of extinguishing.
  5. To form an approximate judgement.
  6. Exists by preying upon other organisms(animals and plants)
  7. City areas.
  8. To make suitable to requirements.
  9. Threatened.

C) Fill in the blanks:

Domestic animals, like dogs or cats, live in people’s homes.

  1. Stray animals live …
  2. A cow lives in a …
  3. A horse lives in a …
  4. A rabbit lives in a …
  5. A bird lays its eggs in a …

D) Home Work:
Find out food habits, and other interesting details about the following animals:
Squirrel, elephant, mongoose, crocodile, rabbit, giraffe.
You may add to the list if you like.