Lesson 98 – Missing (Poem)

I’ve hunted near, I’ve hunted far
I even looked inside my car.
I’ve lost my glasses, I’m in need,
To have them now so I can read.
I loudly swear and I curse
Did I leave them in my purse?
Are they behind the sofa, under the bed?
Oh there they are – on my head!

By Anne Scott

  1. Has it ever happened to you, that you are looking for something and you have it all along?
  2. What is another word for ‘hunt?’
  3. Use another word that has the same meaning as ‘hunt’ and fill in the blanks:
    I’ve ____ near,
    I’ve ____ far
  4. A synonym is a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase. ‘Begin’ is a synonym of ‘start.’
    Please find a synonym for the following words:
    Quiet, wrong, end, enormous, opportunity, sad, scared, small, sick, slim