Lesson 97 – Be Proud Of Who You Are (Poem) Level 2+

I come with no wrapping or pretty pink bows.
I am who I am, from my head to my toes.
I tend to get loud when speaking my mind.
Even a little crazy some of the time.
I’m not a size 5 and don’t care to be.
You can be you and I can be me.
I try to stay strong when pain knocks me down.
And the times that I cry are when no one’s around.
To err is human, or so that’s what they say.
Well, tell me, who’s perfect anyway.

by S Raine

  1. What is the poem’s message?
  2. How can you simply say, ‘I come with no wrapping or pretty pink bows?’
  3. How does the subject of the poem describe himself/herself? What are all the things you know about him/her?
  4. ‘Buzz’ and ‘does’ are not spelled the same way but rhyme (they sound the same.)
    Find three sets of rhyming words in the poem. What are they?
  5. Find words that rhyme with the following:
    May, hand, know, wall, sun, house, sleep, strong, sound, and tree.
  6. Please use two sets of rhyming words to write a 4 line poem.