Lesson 93 – I Feel Sad

When I feel sad, I feel like a flower that needs to be watered,
a rainbow that has lost its colours, a clown who cannot smile.

When I feel sad I lie in bed. I do not want to talk to anyone.

There are many things that make me feel sad.

When my best friend moves to a faraway place, I feel sad.
But then I realise it will be wonderful to receive lots of letters.

When my dog is not well and the vet says, “He’s getting old, you know,” I feel sad.
But then I remember how much fun we still have together.

When Mother and Father argue and I hear them talking very loudly, I feel sad.
But then, the next day I see them smile at each other again.

When I say goodbye to Grandma at the railways station and I know I will not
see her for a while, we both feel sad.
But then I give her a tight hug and we both feel better.

When I make a really beautiful drawing at school and a colleague spoils it,
I feel sad and a little angry.
But then I think that the next drawing will be even better.

When I feel sad, I feel better if I tell my problems to Grandpa.
I feel better if I make a puzzle or if I read a funny book.
I feel better if I think of a good thing that is going to happen.
I feel better if I can do something nice for someone.

But sometimes I do things that make others feel sad too.

My parents feel sad, when I say things to them that I don’t mean.
When I do not let Aditi play with me, she feels sad.
Everyone is sometimes sad.
But if we talk about what makes us feel sad, and think about all the good things
we have, then maybe our sadness will go away.

What do you do when you feel sad?

Section A:

  1. What is the opposite of the word ‘sadness’?
  2. Are there any other words we can use instead of ‘sadness’?
  3. Can you think of three words that describe the feeling of ‘sadness?’
  4. What are things that make the writer of this piece feel sad?
  5. How does the writer make himself feel better afterwards?
  6. What are the things that make you feel sad? Please talk about it.
  7. In the situations that you have described, how would you make yourself feel better?
  8. Have you ever made someone else feel sad? Please describe the situations.
  9. What are the two things we can do to make ourselves feel better?

Section B:

Add a few lines to this poem on happiness. Use your imagination and talk about what makes YOU happy.

Happiness is Sunshine
Happiness is Rain
Happiness is…
Happiness is…