Lesson 89 –   The Letter A (Poem)

The letter A is awesome!
It simply is the best.
Without an A, you could not get
an A+ on a test.

You’d never see an acrobat
or eat an apple pie.
You couldn’t be an astronaut
or kiss your aunt goodbye.

An antelope would not exist.
An ape would be unknown.
You’d never hear a person
say “Afraid” or “All Alone”.

The A’s in avocado
would completely disappear
and certain words would be forgot
like “ankle”, “arm”, and “ear”.

Without the A, you couldn’t aim
an arrow in the air.
You wouldn’t ask for apricots
or almonds at a fair.

Aruba and Australia
would be missing from a map.
You’d never use an ATM,
an apron, or an app.

The arctic fox and aardvark
would be absent from the zoo,
and vowels, as you know them,
would be E, I, O, and U.

There wouldn’t be an A chord
on the instruments you play.
Let’s appreciate, admire,
and applaud the letter A!

(By Darren Sardelli)

When a poem has lines ending with words that SOUND the same, the poem is a rhyme.
An example: Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight…

Not all poems have to rhyme. The poem above is in free verse. Write a short poem of your own. Here’s how you can begin:

  1. What letter does your name start with?
  2. Suppose your name is Nazia.
  3. Think of twenty words starting with the letter ‘n.’ Here’s how you can start your list:
  4. Can you think of three or four professions or hobbies starting with the letter ‘n.’
  5. Can you think of five vegetables, fruit or food items starting with the letter ‘n?’
  6. Can you think of a couple of animal names that start with the letter ‘n?’
  7. Name 2 parts of the body that start with the letter ‘n.’
  8. Do any of your friends and family have names starting with the letter ‘n?’
  9. Think of five verbs beginning with the letter ‘ n.’
  10. Write these words down.
  11. Play around with these words on the page.
  12. Your poem can be as simple and fun as:

The letter ‘D’

I know a dog
It likes to dig
In the dirt
Every day