Lesson 87 – Confession (Poem)

I have a brief confession
that I would like to make.
If I don’t get it off my chest
I’m sure my heart will break.

I didn’t do my reading.
I watched TV instead—
while munching cookies, cakes, and chips
and cinnamon raisin bread.

I didn’t wash the dishes.
I didn’t clean the mess.
Now there are roaches eating crumbs—
a million, more or less.

I didn’t turn the TV off.
I didn’t shut the light.
Just think of all the energy
I wasted through the night.

I feel so very guilty.
I did a lousy job.
I hope my students don’t find out
that I am such a slob.


  1. Who has written the poem? Name the poet and mention his profession.
  2. What is he guilty of?
  3. You are a slob, if you…
  4. What does it mean to “get something off your chest?”
  5. Please look up the Internet and find out what ‘confident’ and ‘confidant’ mean?
  6. Do you know a confident person? Why do you describe him/her as confident?
  7. Do you have a confidant?
  8. Is it important to have someone to confide in? If so, why?
  9. Write a six line poem starting with the same first two lines as this poem. It can be longer if you like.
  10. After you have written the poem, please revise it. Make it the best poem ever!