Lesson 82 – The Superworm

Have you heard about Superman and Superwoman? If you have, then you will know that both these heroes had superpowers, with which they could save the world. Well, this is a story about a Superworm!

Most people don’t like worms. They live deep in the grass and soil. But they like to come out when it rains. They wiggle and squiggle as they crawl around. That’s when you hear people screaming, “Ooh…eeeks…worm…run…before it crawls onto your foot”!

Poor worms. They don’t want to harm anyone. In fact, Superworm is always in the mood to help others. That’s why the creatures of the garden love him so much.

So, what are the ways in which Superworm makes the bees, the beetles, the bugs, the spiders and the toads happy?

If a beetle accidentally falls into a well, Superworm uses his long body as a fishing line, and he fishes the drowning beetle out of the well.

Hurrah for Superworm!

If a baby toad excitedly jumps onto a busy main road, Superworm wastes no time in swinging into action. He turns himself into a lasso, ties himself to the little toad, and pulls him back to the garden, where it’s safe.

Hurrah for Superworm!

And if the bees are feeling bored just lying on the flowers, they know that very soon, Superworm will turn his long body into a skipping rope for them, so that they can have a jolly good time.

Next time you’re in a garden or a park, see if you can spot the Superworm and his friends – the bees, the beetles, the bugs, the spiders and the toads.

A) Vocabulary:

Wiggle – not straight, going up and down from side to side
Squiggle – wavy, not straight
Bee –  four winged insect that makes honey
Beetle –  an insect with four wings
Bug –  an insect
Spider –  a creature with eight legs and no wings, spins a web
Toad –  an animal like a large frog
Fishing Line –   a strong nylon thread, used with a rod for catching fish
Drowning –    to sink in water
Lasso –     a long rope with a loop that tightens when the rope is pulled

B) Discussion Points

  1. If it were possible, what kind of superpowers would you like to have, and why?
  2. How was the Superworm able to help the other creatures?
  3. On the Internet, find out how bees make honey. Discuss the process.
  4. Find out five facts about spiders. Write them down and discuss.
  5. Do you think the world needs superheroes and why?
  6. Do you know a superhero? What powers does he or she have?