Lesson 77: 5 Things That Mentally Strong People Do (Level 2+)

  1. They practice gratitude
    Counting their blessings, rather than their burdens, helps mentally strong people to move forward in life, no matter how tough their circumstances might be.
    They refuse to blame anyone for holding them back or dragging them down.
    Their choice to be grateful shines through in their mood and behaviour.
  1. They accept challenges
    Mentally strong people view adversity as an opportunity to grow stronger.
    With each obstacle they overcome, they gain confidence in their ability to become better.
  1. They learn from their mistakes
    Mentally strong people focus on learning from their mistakes, rather than giving up on themselves.
    Failure is often a part of any long journey towards success. That is why they accept this, and choose to use failure as an opportunity to grow wiser.
  1. They accept full responsibility for their lives and are persevering
    Mentally strong people create opportunities for themselves. They know that the best things in life are worth working for and waiting for. They exercise patience and persistence as they strive for their goals.
  1. They create their own definition of success
    Rather than resent other’s good fortune, they share in their joy.
    They recognise that other people’s achievements don’t diminish their own.

A) Vocabulary:

Burden – something heavy that has to be carried
Adversity – trouble, or something that causes difficulty
Wiser – having gained knowledge or experience
Patience – the ability to endure delay without complaining
Persistence – to keep on doing something in spite of difficulty
Strive – to try very hard, to struggle
Resent – feel annoyed about something because you feel it is unfair
Diminish – to make or become less

Please use the above words in your own sentences. Please make sure that your sentences show that you understand the meaning of the words. 

 B) Discussion Points

  1. Please discuss what you think being ‘mentally strong’ means.
  2. Do you agree with the above 5 points?
    Are there any you disagree with or don’t understand?
  3. Are there any other ways in which you can become mentally strong?
  4. Please discuss what success means to you.
  5. Is there anyone you know who has achieved success?
    How did you feel when you heard about it?
  6. Please have a discussion on being ‘patient’ and ‘persevering’.
    Are you patient and persevering? Do you know anyone who is?
    What are the opposites of patience and perseverance?
  7. How do you feel when you make mistakes?
    Talk about a mistake you once made.
    Did you get over it? What did you do to get over it?

Thought for the Day
“The strength of your mind determines the quality of your life.”
– Edmond Mbiaka