Lesson 71 – Vinay Kumar and the Thieves

Vinay Kumar was a taxi driver for many years. Recently, he became a bus driver. He does not regret switching jobs because he finds his new work far more exciting.

Last week, Vinay was driving down the Ring Road. He saw two men rushing out of a shop and running towards a car parked nearby. One of the men was carrying a bag.

Vinay realised that something was wrong and the men were thieves and they had stolen something from the shop. He acted quickly. He drove the bus straight towards the thieves. The man holding the bag got such a fright that he dropped it and some money fell out.

The two thieves got into the car and tried to drive away quickly. Vinay drove the bus into the back of the car and hit it. As the thieves in the battered car were driving away, Vinay stopped the bus and telephoned the police from his mobile phone.

The thieves’ car was badly damaged and was easy to recognise. Within minutes, the police stopped the car and arrested both the men.


  1. What was Vinay’s first job?
  2. What is Vinay’s current job?
  3. What did Vinay see one day?
  4. What was one of the men carrying?
  5. What did Vinay do?
  6. Did Vinay damage the car?
  7. Why did Vinay damage the car?
  8. How long did it take for the police to come?
  9. What did the police do?
  10. Have you ever caught a thief?
  11. Have you ever stopped some criminal activity?
  12. Why do you have to be careful when you confront a thief?
  13. Remember:Your safety is most important. Call the police. Dial 100.