Lesson 25: Movies

I love Hindi movies. I wish I could watch one every week.
But I can’t, because of many reasons.
Firstly, movie tickets are very expensive.
Secondly, my father thinks that movies are a waste of time and money.
Thirdly, my mother says I should be helping my father in my free time.
Fourthly, my teacher says I need to use my spare time reading English books, so that I can improve my English.
So, I don’t argue with my mother, father or teacher.
Instead, I talk with my friends about the latest movies.
I also wait for the popular ones to be shown on TV.
I will wait patiently for ‘GOAL’ with Akshay Kumar, to be shown on TV.
I have told my father that it is a good movie, and it is all about the Indian Hockey team.
Many of my friends don’t have a TV at home.
My father has given me permission to invite them to come watch GOAL on our TV!

A) Vocabulary:

Expensive – costing too much money
Spare – free or extra (time)
Improve – to make better
Popular – liked by most people
Permission – to allow something

B) Discussion:

  1. Cinema, films, and pictures – these are some other names for ‘movies.’
  2. Can you name your favourite movie? Please talk about it in a few lines.
  3. What did you like about it? Please use full sentences when you give your reasons.
  4. Who is your favourite actor/actress? Please describe him/her in a few sentences.
  5. Do you know that there are different kinds or styles of movies? Some of the styles of movies are: comedy, thriller, drama, and mystery. Can you describe each one?
  6. Can you describe what work the following people do in a movie? a) director b) producer c) editor d) casting director