Lesson 17: Hira and Moti

Jhuri owned two bullocks named Hira and Moti.
They were tall, handsome and hardworking animals.
They had spent so much time together that they had grown as close to one another as brothers.
Sitting side by side, they would talk without saying a word!
How each was able to know what went on in the mind of the other is hard to say.
They must have possessed a hidden power that is denied to us humans, who consider ourselves superior to animals.

A) Vocabulary

Possess – to own or to have
Superior – better, greater or higher

Please make your own sentences with the above words. Your sentences must show that you understand the meaning of the word.

B) Discussion points:

  1. This is an excerpt from a story by Munshi Premchand. Please research and write a few lines about the writer.
  2. Are there any animals kept in your neighbourhood? Are they treated well?
  3. Do you like animals? Which ones are your favourite, and why?
  4. Do you think animals can understand human beings?

C)   A writer expresses ideas in writing.
An author is a person who writes a novel, a poem, an essay, etc.

A novelist is a person who writes ____.
A poet is a person who writes ____.
A journalist writes ____.
A playwright writes ____.
Gulzar is a ____.

D) Poem:

The Jungle Family

Monkeys can jump and climb trees
Giraffes are tall and they eat leaves.
Parrots are colourful and they can fly,
Elephants can’t, but would love to try.
Turtles are green and they can swim,
Cheetahs can run and they always win.
Zebras look like horses, but they are black and white,
Hippos are big and snore at night.

E) Add two lines of your own. Make one about tigers and the about deer. The lines do not have to rhyme.