Lesson 15: Vegetables

I know most of the names of the vegetables in English.
So I am going to share them with you.
Baingan is brinjal. Gobi is cauliflower.
Bund gobi is cabbage. Shalgam is turnip.
Bhindi is okra or ladies’ fingers. And I find that very funny.
So does my younger sister. We laugh together, as we try and remember all the names.
Please come to my home for lunch one day.
I will cook you a meal that you will really enjoy.
And I will also tell you the names of the vegetables in Hindi and English.

A) Please give the English names of the vegetables that you know.

B) Why does ladies’ fingers make them laugh?

C) When you start to travel around the world, what is the first vegetable you will ask for in a restaurant in a new country, and why?

D) Please write a few lines on who the best cook is in your home, and what their best dish is.

 E) Please give the opposites of:

  1. Come ____
  2. Remember ____
  3. Younger _____
  4. Funny _____
  5. Laugh _____

F) Describe the vegetables below:
Example: Onion: It has pink skin. It makes you cry when you cut it.

Spinach, Peas, Carrot, Pumpkin, Bitter Gourd and Cucumber.