Lesson 11: A Walk in the Park

I walk to work from my house.
On the way, I pass a park.
Even though it is not very big, it looks very pretty.
If I’m not getting late for work, I open the little gate to the park and go in.
I sit on a bench and watch the birds and the butterflies.
I like to daydream.
In winter, the park is full of colourful flowers.
The ‘faces’ on the pansies always make me smile.
I see older people walking slowly around the park.
The younger people walk much faster. Sometimes they run.
In the evenings, small children play and run around. I hear them shout for joy.
On a holiday, when the weather is good, I read a book in the park or I jot down some thoughts in my notebook.

A) Please substitute the word in italics with the word in brackets. Read out the complete sentence.
Example: I walk to work. (college)
I walk to college.

  1. I pass a small park (massive)
  2. The grass is green. ( dry and brown)
  3. I see pansies. (roses and lilies)
  4. The children play on the swings.( slide and the seesaw)
  5. I write down my thoughts.( jot)


B) Please make complete sentences with the following words:
The meaning of the word should be clear from the sentence.

flower, butterfly, bench, walk, marigold, daydream, cloud, sunny, sparrow, grass.

C) Take a notebook to the park and write your own List Poem.

I see grass wet with dew,
I see a black and orange butterfly,
I see a baby wearing a bright red cap,

Continue the list poem.
Write as many lines as you possibly can.
Give your poem a title.