Lesson 42: W.I.N.G.S.

A few days ago, I accompanied my friend to a seminar, rather reluctantly. I wasn’t looking forward to sitting on a chair for almost a whole day, and listening to one person talking about ‘Dreams and Goals.’ But at the end of the session, I was really happy that I had attended. The presenter at the seminar talked about turning dreams into realities. That was hard for me – even to dream about a better future. But something in the message made me listen.

She asked us to consider two powerful questions: “If you could be, do, or have anything in the world, and you knew it would be impossible to fail, what would you choose? And if you could create your ideal life, what would you dare to dream?”

She said, all success begins with spreading your W.I.N.G.S.

  • believing in your worth,
  • trusting your insight,
  • having a goal,
  • planning a personal strategy.

and, then, even impossible dreams become real.

I brought this message back home with me, and decided to start believing in my own worth, trusting my insight, setting goals for myself, and working out the best strategies to achieve those goals.

I think I am ready to spread my W.I.N.G.S!

A) Vocabulary:

Worth – value
Insight – understanding of something
Goal – aim or purpose
Strategy – the art of planning, or carrying out a plan

B) Discussion: Please discuss the two powerful questions in the second paragraph.

C) Please write a few lines on what success means to you.

 D) Please find a success story from the newspaper or on the Internet, and discuss it.

Use these points while discussing the success story.

  • Name the person.
  • Where is he/she from?
  • What did this person achieve?
  • What problems did he/she face?
  • What qualities does this person have?
  • Why did you choose this person for discussion?