Krishna B

Yashobanta and I started our journey together in the summer of 2017. He was old school – hard working, soft spoken and very dedicated. We did our lessons every week day for approximately 40 minutes and he  would call me diligently at 11 o’clock, eager to start with his lesson. We would start by discussing his previous day, in detail, adding adjectives and emotions. Then we would discuss homework, and subsequently have our lesson plan.

His enthusiasm was infectious and I would look for ways to motivate him further. Over the course of 5 months his English improved and he would converse with me completely in English. (I needed to correct his pronunciations only ).

However last month, around Diwali, he requested to stop the classes. His personal and professional lives weren’t in tandem and he was having a constant battle within. He was a thorough student and he wanted to give his 100% to this program. He however felt it was an injustice to continue when his mind was elsewhere.

It will be hard to find a student like Yashobanta. So dedicated and joyful. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours and look forward to helping him whenever he needs me.

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  1. Really madam, I am missing that day.
    I have improved a lot. I am extreemly sorry for discontinue my classes due to my personal problem.
    Thanks very much for your support.

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