Its or It’s

It’s is always short for ‘it is’ or ‘it has.’
It is raining.
It’s raining.

It has been a long time.
It’s been a long time.

Its (without an apostrophe) means ‘belonging to it.’
The cat looks after its kittens very well.

A) Please fill in the blanks with it’s or its :
Example: It’s only 11 o’clock. Please stay a little while longer.

1. Can you hear that noise? Where do you think __ coming from?
2. The jury has reached __ decision.
3. Turn down the music. __ hurting my ears.
4. _ nearly the end of the month. __ gone really quickly.
5. I’m glad to see you. __ been a long time!
6. __ important to study hard for tests.
7. My house is old and __ paint is peeling.
8. My teacher says __ important to read every day.
9. The crowd slowly made __ way home.
10. The football team won __ final match.
11. Aakash is replacing his old phone. __ almost eight years old.
12. __ rained every day since Monday.
13. This restaurant is famous for __ rajma chawal.
14. The dog wagged __ tail when it saw Rubeena.
15. Every house in this area has __ own TV antenna.
16. Get up! __ time for school.
17. Hooray! __ time for grammar.
18. Odisha is famous for __ temples and beaches.
19. Mumbai is famous for __ bhelpuri.
20. The tree has lost all of __ leaves.