Fun and Games 2

Can you name the hidden animal in each sentence?
This must be art class.
This must be art class.
‘Bear’ is the hidden animal.

  1. Rahul must be especially tired after playing cricket in the hot sun.
  2. A pear tree grew in Sunita’s garden.
  3. We can go at 6.00 p.m. to the party.
  4. I came later because I got lost on the way.
  5. Tell me if I should join the football team?
  6. I like to do good deeds for all.
  7. Why don’t you use a ladder?
  8. Will a map help you find Chandni Chowk?
  9. Take soap and a towel when you go to take a shower.
  10. I think Meena will be a very good student.
  11. Most rich people have nice houses.
  12. The Eskimo slept in a damp igloo.
  13. Air is made up of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.



Key for Mentors
Bee, Ape, Goat, Camel, Fish, Dog, Seal, Llama, Panda, Beaver, Ostrich, Pig, Fox