Articles 2

Please fill in the blanks with ‘a’ ‘an’ ‘the’ or nothing. If no article is needed, do NOT fill in the blank.

Use ‘the’ when you are talking about one particular thing.
Use ‘a’ or ‘an’ when there are several possibilities, and you are talking about any one of them.
Use the article ‘a’ before words beginning with a consonant sound. Example: a man, a uniform. Note: ‘u’ is a vowel. But the ‘u’ in uniform is pronounced ‘yu.’
Use the article ‘an’ before words beginning with a vowel sound. Example: an apple, an honest man. Note: ‘h’ is a consonant. But the ‘h’ in honest is silent.

  1. My sister is __ English teacher.
  2. Her best friend is __ history teacher.
  3. I am __ student.
  4. When I get home from school, I watch __ cartoons on TV.
  5. That’s __ best part of my day.
  6. On __ Fridays I watch a show on __ animals. Last week it was about __ horse called Black Beauty.
  7. Later, after __ dinner I read __ book for about half __ hour.
  8. Then I switch off __ light and go to __ bed.
  9. I fall asleep as soon as my head hits __ pillow.
  10. I have to wake up early in __ morning for another day in __ school.
  11. I am happy today. I will go to __ mall.
  12. I will meet __ old neighbour, Imran.
  13. I saw him last in __ August.
  14. He was wearing __ black sweater and __ pair of faded jeans.
  15. In __ day he works at __ pizzeria.
  16. At __ night he works in __ home for __ elderly people.

Please make four sentences each with ‘a,’ ‘an’ and ‘the.’

Make four sentences that require no article.

Please read the sentences in this exercise carefully before making your own sentences.