An anagram is a word made by changing the order of the letters of another word.
But’ is an anagram of ‘tub.’
Slate’ is an anagram of ‘least.’

  1. Change fringe into a part of the body.
  2. Change asleep into a word used by polite people.
  3. Change beard into something you can eat.
  4. Change below into a part of the body.
  5. Change chain into a country.
  6. Change thing into a time of day.
  7. Change heart into the name of a planet.
  8. Change super into something in which you keep money.
  9. Change flow into an animal.
  10. Change keen into a part of the body.
  11. Change tea into a verb.
  12. Change bleat into an item of furniture.
  13. Change danger into a place where you grow flowers.
  14. Change dear into something you do with a book.
  15. Change thirst into something you wear.
  16. Change shore into an animal you ride.
  17. Change nails into a slow animal.
  18. Change act into an animal.

Answer Key

finger, please, bread, elbow, China, night, earth, purse, wolf, knee, eat, table, garden, read, shirt, horse, snail, cat