Short Forms – Am/Is/Are

I am (I’m)
He is (he’s)
She is (she’s)
It is (it’s)
We are (we’re)
You are (you’re)
They are (they’re)

A) Fill in the blanks with am, is, or are.
Example: The weather is pleasant today.

  1. I ___ not rich.
  2. This bag ___ very heavy.
  3. These suitcases ___ very light.
  4. Look! There ___ Professor Sharma.
  5. My brother and I ___ good badminton players.
  6. Aarav ___ at home.
  7. The other children ___ in school.
  8. I ___ a taxi driver.
  9. My sister ___ a nurse.
  10. My favourite colours ___ pink and blue.

B) Fill in the blanks with short forms: I’m, she’s, it’s, we’re, you’re, and they’re.
Example: Aamir is not well. He’s in bed.

  1. ___ thirsty. I would love a glass of water.
  2. Khan is a very old man. ___ 98.
  3. These chairs aren’t beautiful, but ___ comfortable.
  4. The weather is pleasant today. ___ cool and breezy.
  5. Malavika is not at home. ___ at work.
  6. ___ cold. May I close the window?
  7. It’s 10 am. ___ late again, Rashid!