Adverbs of Manner

For most adverbs of manner, add ‘ly’ to the adjective.
Rohit is a ‘careful’ worker, becomes
Rohit works ‘carefully.’

A few adverbs of manner are irregular:
Example: good = well; hard = hard; fast = fast.
Rohit is a ‘good’ worker, becomes 
Rohit works ‘well.’

A) Complete the following sentences. Look at the underlined adjective. Please fill in the blanks with adverbs of manner.
Example: Sonia is a careless writer. She writes carelessly.

  1. Varun’s pronunciation is clear. He speaks…
  2. Abid is a fast learner. He learns…
  3. Your children are good students. They do… in school.
  4. My son is a hard worker. He works… on his homework.
  5. Reema is very quiet in class. She plays… with the other children.
  6. Razia’s handwriting is neat. She writes…

B) Change the adjectives below to adverbs of manner. Use the adverbs to complete the sentences.
careful     creative   good    hard     poor    quick
Example: Dilip never practices for his cricket match. He plays poorly.

  1. Nita gets good marks. She does… in school.
  2. We don’t have much time. Please work…
  3. Amina works fast, but she makes mistakes. She needs to work…
  4. Ershad has a lot of ideas for his science project. He always thinks…
  5. Bhavna has a test tomorrow. She needs to study…