Personal Pronouns 2

Please fill in the blanks with she, her or hers.

This is Ayesha. ____ has a camera.
This is Ayesha. She has a camera.

The camera belongs to ___.
The camera belongs to her.

This is ___ camera.
This is her camera.

The camera is ___.
The camera is hers.


  1. This cap belongs to Nisha. This is ____ cap.
  2. ____ brushes ____ teeth after every meal.
  3. Whose cycle is this? It is ____.
  4. Is your mother a teacher? Yes, ____ is.
  5. She was singing an old filmsong, a favourite of ___.
  6. This is my sister. ____ name is Sadhana.
  7. ___ loves momos. Momos are ____ favourite treat.
  8. Priyanka helps ____ mother after school.
  9. ____ family loves ___ very much.
  10. ____ is playing with ____ friends.
  11. ____ has broken ____ foot. ____ needs to use crutches.
  12. My mobile phone has to be fixed, but ____ is working.
  13. I gave ____ my lucky numbers. I heard that ____ won the lottery.
  14. Do you think ____ is older than Amreen?
  15. _____ brother is my teacher.

Please make three sentences each with the following words: she, her and hers.
Please read the sentences in this exercise carefully before making your own sentences.