Personal Pronouns 1

Please fill in the blanks with I, me, my or mine.

___have a pencil.
I have a pencil.

This is ___ pencil.
This is my pencil.

This pencil is ___.
This pencil is mine.

Please give ___ your pencil.
Please give me your pencil.


  1. ___ friend and ____ went to the park this morning.
  2. Even ____ own mother didn’t believe me.
  3. I’ve been living on ____ own for three years now.
  4. I am tall, but Rafi is taller than ____.
  5. I’d like you to meet Suraj. He is an old friend of ___.
  6. ___ friends say that Chandigarh is a beautiful city, but I have never been there.
  7. When my sister saw ___ backpack, she wanted one just like ____.
  8. This book belongs to me. It is ____.
  9. This is not ___ umbrella. I picked it up by mistake.
  10. It’s ____ birthday today.
  11. Let ____ show you a picture of ____ birthday cake.
  12. You and ____ are the same height.
  13. ____ am trying to improve ____ English pronunciation.
  14. ____ cousin and ____ were at home when the storm broke out.
  15. ___ teacher scolded ____ for coming late to class.

Please make two sentences each with the following words: I, me, mine and my.
Please read the sentences in this exercise carefully before making your own sentences.