Lata Sunder

Kudos to the entire TTM team for their strong, innovative ideas and commendable goals. Feels good to be a part of TTM!


I think TTM is helping Yuvraj to brush up his English speaking skills and a great voluntary service.

Sabina Vashisht

I think overall the experience with my mentee Malvika has been good. Initially we started with stilted conversations ending in monosyllables from her side… but now at least we have reached a better comfort level with each other in terms …

Purima Sharma

Ever since I have got associated with TTM, my life seems more enriched and I feel happy being responsible for a child I have not even met…..

Vrishali Puranik

TTM is a well organised and thought of initiative to help a certain strata of society get better job opportunities. Overall I like the people and mentors and the thought behind the programme. Thank you for your time.

Lalita Narayan

What works for me. 1) Flexible time. I get to choose a time that is comfortable to me. 2) I get a free hand, pretty much. There is nothing that doesn’t work for me though. It takes a while to …

Bhavna Gurung

Completed the assessment of my mentee, Yatin. Did very well. Also took my assistance for an inter school debate he has participating in. Came in the top 10. So proud of him.

Krishna B

Yashobanta and I started our journey together in the summer of 2017. He was old school – hard working, soft spoken and very dedicated. We did our lessons every week day for approximately 40 minutes and he  would call me …

Sylvia D’Souza

I am a housewife, and joining TTM has opened up a whole new world for me. Besides feeling useful, I am proud to be a part of the group that is actively involved in guiding the youth, motivating them in …

Niraj Parikh

My mentee is Vikas. I have found him eager to learn, hesitant to speak but trying nonetheless. I hope I can make a difference for him.